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Nice to meet you! I'm Heidi Minghao He, a creative technologist, web developer, and artist. I double-majored in computer science and studio art during my undergraduate studies at Colby College. Later in 2021, I earned an MS in Information Systems with a concentration in Connective Media from Cornell University. I developed global projects from the ground up for major tech companies like TikTok and Google. Join me on a journey through the convergence of code, art, and imagination.

Memory in the Mist

A game with neuroadaptive environment in Hui-style architecture

picture source:

TikTok Transparency and Accountability Center

Experience deployed globally in LA, Dublin and Singapore

"Light Years Apart"

A film where interactivity shapes the storyline.


An Interactive Exhibit for Google Generative AI


Softwares: Unity3D | TouchDesigner | Adobe suite | Figma | Isadora

Tools and Libraries: Node.js | React | React Native | NextJS | Web socket | Electron | Raspberry Pi | Tailwind | GSAP | openCV | pyTorch | Express | Art-Net | Normcore | Arduino

Programming Languages: Javascript | Typescript | Python | C# | C++ | Java | CSS | HTML