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I have always believed that technology is not the solution to social problems. There is no such thing that one app could solve a particular social issue. It is the people and the organizations that put together their efforts, empathy, and wisdom that is the solution, if there is one. While we are facing the waves of evolving tech, somtimes faster than our learning speed, problems become visible very often in a delayed manner - for example, many victims of intimate partner violence suffer from spyware, some of which could be parent control apps intended to keep track of children's daily activity. Some admirable efforts on mitigating those existing problems may only prevent them from getting worse. Now that we are adapting to this information era, I believe it is crucial for people in the tech industry nowadays to embed a mindset of social responsibility when implementing new tech. The mindset of "tech for human" is what I have been educating myself with, and what I take along with every tech project I am involved in.

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