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Some sampling web pages from our unpublished website for METOO movement in China. I am the front-end developer and one of the designers of the website. The website has not released to public domain, therefore I can only show one sample page below. The series of images demonstrate the interactive design of the index page. When the mouse hovers and moves around the page, the black layer, symboling darkness, will be cleared out following the mouse's motion.

Web Programming in HTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript.

Spotlight Index Page 1
spotlight index page interaction 2
spotlight index page interaction 3


30 years ago, we needed a heavy user guide in order to operate a very simple software. Nowadays, many small kids are very comfortable using an iPad or a smartphone through which they start to know the world. Some of them tend to swipe any glossy surface as if this particular kind of interaction is grounded in their nature.

What if, 30 years later, screen-based devices have completely replaced books? Do we need a user guide on how to use a book?

Web programming in HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

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